5 Red Flags That Indicates You Hired A Wrong Seo Agency

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Presently, there are several SEO agencies around the world. Check around Sydney; you will find them in hundreds. Looking at the list from an Australian perspective, it’s endless. While we are talking about the existing figure, many are still emerging daily. 

The overwhelming number of SEO agencies across Sydney, Australia, and the globe might be confusing to you, but it’s normal. The only advantage in this situation is that choosing the right agency for your business might be challenging. All the agencies would want to market their brands to clients in any way possible. 

If you are new in the business world and seek the service of an SEO agency to boost your business visibility on search engines, you might end up choosing the wrong SEO firm. Selecting a bad SEO company will affect your business utterly, and if you don’t opt out on time, your company may stop existing.  

So how do you know you are working with the wrong SEO agency? This blog has detailed answers to that question. I have helped you compiled five red flags that indicate that you are working with a bad company.

1.         Requesting to own your data or login credentials

If your SEO agency is asking to claim ownership of your data or login credentials along the line, that is a sign that you are working with the wrong agency. Your login credentials are your exclusive right. Don’t fall for that guise. 

Many business owners forfeit their data or login details to their SEO agency because they think the agency knows better and would have a better opportunity to work more efficiently. Well, that might not be far from the truth. But as good as that might seem, it can affect your business tremendously if things don’t work out well between you a d the firm. 

The secret is that some SEO agencies want to have your data and logins to keep you tracked in the business relationship for a long time. When you allow the company to have your login credentials as a hostage, it can be challenging to end the contract with that company.  The attempt to create new logins and generate new tracking codes for your website causes needless nuisance. 

Hence, be careful enough not to hand over your logins to any SEO agency. If your SEO firm keeps pressing you regarding your data and logins, terminate the business with them and find another.

2.         Promising you the #1 spot on every search engine results 

No agency can guarantee your business the #1 spot on every search list. I don’t care how much experience they have gathered over the years.  No magic can break Google’s algorithm. So, know that the agency is fake if they promise that your business will float on every search list. 

The main focus is not on being ranked on the #1 spot; your focus should be on lead conversion and ROI. Some agencies that promised to take your business to the top of every search result might do some magic to get some of your keywords ranked to page one. You will start to discover your business is a wrong hand when you stay on the first page on Google without getting returns for a long time. 

When your website ranks at the top, and you cannot convert any lead, it is a strong indication that you are working with the wrong SEO agency. They only give you a false ranking to keep getting money from you when you gave no returns to show for it.

3.         Check if they are promoting their story instead of yours

One of the best ways to know whether you have hired the wrong SEO agency or not is to check their reports. Typically,  biased SEO agencies will fill their reports with their success stories. They always give you a one-sided account that only talks about everything they have in favor of your business without any flops or irregularities. 

When you notice that your agency has always sent you this kind of report, it is easy to know that they are only trying to motivate you to pay more. That SEO agency is desperate to renew its contract. 

A right SEO agency will include in their report what is not going well and how they think you can face it together to overcome it. SEO doesn’t work with guarantees. It’s about trial and error. A company that always brings good news as their monthly report is hiding something that can affect your business. So, you have a chance to leave immediately you notice their desperate ambition.

4.         Watch out for a transactional relationship

This matter can be very subtle, but it means a lot. If you want to know whether you are working with the wrong SEO agency or not, carefully observe they pitch the services to you. Would you choose a firm that wants to help or those that only care about marketing its service to you to get money? 

The right agency’s best interest would be to help you achieve your business goals, while a bad one will only tell you how much they charge. For instance, if the company always talks about their expertise and experience in every conversation you have with them, your business is in the wrong hands.

Instead, when you discuss with your SEO firm, they should talk more about how they can help improve your brand and increase your profits. Remember, a good SEO agency should be your business partner. So, once you’ve discovered that your supposed business partner is only thinking about how to make its profits, it’s a red flag that your business is in trouble.

5.         Don’t take old results for an achievement 

If the agency you are working with keep showing their past accomplishments with previous clients, they don’t have much to offer. Outdated case studies don’t have anything to do with organic search. New SEO techniques and trends break with the new day. If the SEO company you are working with uses those old tricks they used for a client two years ago, it shows they have run out of ideas. Stay away from them. 


Terminating a contract with an SEO agency doesn’t always come easy. Even after you have discovered several reasons, you leave. I advise that you do thorough research about all these red flags before you hire a company for your business.  However, if you were ignorant of these red flags when you were negating a contract with the company, it’s not too late. It’s better to terminate the agreement than to close your business.